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The eGardens story.
In our context we define eGardens and Cottage Food Industries (eGardens) as: A multi-disciplinary, systematic, dynamic
and adaptive model of best practices (BPs). BPs are synergistically integrated with creativity, innovation and 
entrepreneurship in order to have a system that addresses the challenges of water and skills for student future livelihood

The eGardens Model for school ecosystems.
The eGardens model is an irreversible equation that comprises many sub-systems, viz:
                  Inputs                    Outputs

Infrastructure + Training = Water + Food + Livelihood Skills Kit

This means that if water and food infrastructure and equipment are established in a school, and if the students are trained
to use them, they will have water to drink. They could also use it to produce food. If this is properly done for most of the
water and food value chains, the students would then acquire capacity to feed themselves, and others. This would then be
their lifelong Livelihood Skills Kit (LSK), as it were.

An eGardens model comprises the following sub-system:
1. Water harvesting, drip irrigation/greenhouse.
2. Micro-livestock, crops, agroforestry, trees/flower nurseries, energy-saving devices, botanical gardens, fish ponds etc.
3. Solar and wind power
4. Cottage food industry
5. ICT
6. Business administration sub-system complete with a multi-disciplinary think tank that alsofacilitates capacity building.

The entry point in each school is the eGarden Club through which all the other students link to learn.
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