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Our cause is simply to ensure water and food security in Kenya's schools while we build the students' skills for their future livelihood/(self) employment needs. We achieve this through our eGardens projects in schools and our off-site training model at the Savannah eGardens Educational Park.
With your help we can achieve these goals for alot more schools, and also stengthen the Savannah eGardens Educational Park's infrastructure.
We appreciate both cash and material donations.  Below, please find sample items your donation amount can help purchase:
USD 10
1 breeding rabbit
USD 20
Seeds or seedlings for 1 garden
USD 100
1 drip irrigation line
USD 1000
1 10000 litres water tank
USD 1000
Food value addition equipment
USD 10000
Establish 1 full eGarden
Payment methods
For online donations please use the PayPal button below. If you prefer a different method, kindly contact us for additional details.
Materials Donations
We appreciate materials in the form of agriculture, food processing, renewable energy and ICT equipment. These will help strengthen existing eGardens and/or help establish new ones.
Please contact us for information on how the materials can get to us.
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