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SEANET - Sustainable Environment and Agriculture Network International is an NGO registered in Kenya.
Our vision is Kenya and Africa without poverty.
The water and food insecurity that we face today, and which often lead to conflicts, is multi-dimensional and multi-caused. It therefore requires analysis and a systems model to address.
Our Work
Founded in 2001, SEANET is a registered Kenya nonprofit with a long track record in Community Development, mostly in the areas of Water, Agriculture, Education and Conflict Management. Our flagship programme comprises water and food security in schools, students’ livelihood skills and water resource conflict prevention, management and resolution.
SEANET International attempts to build students’ water and food skills while still at school. Trying to reach them later is like ‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’.
We work with funding organizations to empower the poor and pro-poor organizations to participate in their development.
The eGardens model is a multi-disciplinary, systemic, dynamic and adaptive model of best practices (BP’s). BP’s are synergistically integrated with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in order to have a system that addresses the challenges of water and food insecurity in schools (now) and skills for student future livelihood needs.
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SEANET International
Savannah eGardens Park
Off Nanyuki-Nyeri Highway
P.O. Box 189-10400, Nanyuki

Phone: +254 721 217 409
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